Today we’re going to be taking a look at 3 Artificial Intelligence predictions for the future; examining insights that will shape businesses and their strategies.

AI Will Help Big Data

Despite large industry investment, companies haven’t benefited from their forays into big data. As a result, 43% or less from the ten major business sectors believe they effectively utilize all the data they capture. Tools were inadequate, learning curves too steep, and organizational challenges created efficiency roadblocks.

Adoption of SaaS suites incorporated with accessible AI modules, automated machine learning, and data management, as well as easier methods for mining less-structured data should all help businesses grapple with their data harvesting headaches.

AI Will Impact Employers Before Employment

Fearmongering news articles would have us believe that the robots are about to take over, from jobs to every facet of daily life. However, the evolution and use of AI in the workplace is much more likely to take the form of a ‘centaur’ – human and AI in symbiosis. Whilst the worker will receive relevant correlated data inputs and advice from the machine learning suite; it will be up to them to interpret and override if necessary.

Areas such as product design is already benefiting from this hierarchical symbiosis – with engineers creating a design brief and running simulations through the AI interface. The results are completely revolutionary.

It is true that repetitive tasks will likely be eliminated, however, the share of jobs at potentially high risk of automation is only 1% by 2020.

Nations Will Fight Over AI

According to research, AI is going to be hugely valuable industry – at over $15.7 trillion by 2030. As a result, both corporations and countries are in an arms race to claim as much of the ‘machine-learning-pie’ as possible. The US has looked to expand its global influence since 2016, faltering briefly since the new administration cut research funding in 2017.

The international competition will only increase exponentially – for both talents as well as intellectual property.