On December 10, Plus.ai has announced that their self-driving truck has successfully completed the first commercial delivery across America.

Self-driving technology with multimodal sensors, deep learning algorithms and SLAM technology on board has allowed to deliver Land O’Lakes butter from California to Pennsylvania, passing 2800 miles in less than 3 days.

Chief Supply Chain Officer of Land O’Lakes Yone Dewberry shared that self-driving trucks “will be tremendously valuable” to their business, especially in peak seasons, bringing cost-cuts and efficiency. He also shared his belief that such technologies “will completely reshape commercial shipping”.

Image from plus.ai

Plus.ai was founded in 2016 by Stanford PhD students with a goal “to transform the trillion-dollar commercial trucking industry”. COO and co-founder of Silicon Valley startup shared that the test run through different weather and terrains conditions marks an important milestone, proving the self-driving trucks readiness to “be the norm in the future”:

“This cross-country freight run with Land O’Lakes shows the safety, efficiency and maturity of our autonomous trucks, which are already delivering freight for other partners several days a week”