Argentinian public hospital Garrahan Children’s Hospital has shared that the first clinical tests in Latin America for using cannabidiol (CBD) in treating refractory epilepsy in children has exceeded their expectations.

Head of the public hospital Carlos Kambourian shared in the press release that the research has shown positive effect on reducing epilepsy episodes and improving the quality of patients life, concluding that the CBD based therapy is both effective and safe.

During the study, researchers have analysed patients diagnosed with refractory epilepsy between 9 months and 17 years across all Argentina. The results have shown that 80% of clinical trial participants with sufficient follow-up experienced on average 60% reduction of epilepsy episodes. Moreover, 5 out of 49 patients are currently not experiencing any episodes at all.

Lead scientist and head of Neurology department at the hospital Roberto Caraballo has also revealed that most of the study participants have reported the general improvement of the patients’ quality of life, while adverse effects were mild to moderate.

Caraballo also announced that the hospital will continue to observe participants’ health for the next year to confirm the results and access full impact on neurocognitive development.

The methodological advisor the research project  Graciela Demirdjian has added that the results are similar to those reported by scientists around the world, confirming that CBD can be effective in anti epileptic therapy.

As FutureTime reported earlier, Consumer Update on CBD products published by FDA this December also mentions that the government agency has approved CBD usage for treating rare forms of epilepsy.