Startup, focused on automating urban mobility with AI, announced that it has raised $3.5 million in a funding round led by Fusion Fund, reported TechCrunch on December 13.

Other investors reportedly include YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, the Taiwanese semiconductor foundry UMC, Kakao Ventures, GDP Ventures, Atinum, Wasabi Ventures, Blue Ivy Ventures, Plug n Play, and SLV Capital. is developing software for self-driving vehicles to bring efficiency to urban mobility. The president and COO of Christine Moon highlighted that the company aims to create a technology to make AV ready for driving full speed on public roads, in order to serve more passengers and bring efficiency to urban mobility.

Being a proponent of self-driving vehicles and serial investor in corresponding startups, Fusion fund managing partner Lu Zhang shared earlier her belief that “self-driving cars become a lot simpler and safer when you eliminate humans from the equation”. 

In regards to investment in she has highlighted that the startup has “significant deployment experience, having launched AV services in Florida, Texas and California”. Moreover, is already pitching cities and transit providers with their solution for automating public transport.

She also mentioned strong expertise of the team. The CEO of previously co-founded that was later acquired by Apple, the President Christine Moon was a head of partnerships for Nexus program at Google, other team members also worked in companies like Zoox, Lyft Level 5 and Voyage. All in one, she believes in soon to be market application:

“We found that BlueSpace stood out with their revolutionary technology approach and providing near term market application”

As FutureTime reported earlier,’s self-driving truck has successfully completed the first commercial delivery across America, proving “the safety, efficiency and maturity of our autonomous trucks”.