A company building robots for industrial inspections, Gecko Robotics, has announced that it has received $40 million in financing.

The investments will reportedly go towards developing additional 40 robots-inspectors, in order to meet the growing demand from the industry.

Co-founder and CEO of Gecko Robotics Jake Loosararian that the company is growing fast with a focus on creating robotics solutions “that helps stop life-threatening catastrophes”:

“We’ve developed a revolutionary way to use robots as an enabler to capture data for predictability of infrastructure; reducing failure, explosions, emissions and billions of dollars of loss each year”

Current company’s wall climbing robots – Toka 4, Toka 3 and Eva – inspect tanks, boilers, scrubbers, piping and other infrastructure components and detect various forms of its degradations. According to the company webpage, robots can capture 1,000x more data 10x faster than previously used methods.

Since 2016, Gecko Robotics managed to grow from a small team to over 100 employees, with its core business built around a mission to automate industrial inspection.