European multinational aerospace corporation Airbus has announced the acquisition of MTM Robotics as a final step of the roadmap to leverage robotics in manufacturing commercial aircraft, reads the company press release from December 12.

Airbus CEO Michael Schoellhorn shared that the acquisition is part of the company’s strategy, which is focused on “automation & robotics”. In his opinion, future market competitiveness will be determined also by “both designing the best aircraft and by building the most efficient manufacturing system, in parallel”.

Head of Industrial Technologies at Airbus Patrick Vigié shared that the deal makes a chance to “establish industrywide standards for the factory of tomorrow”, while MTM founder Mike Woogerd expressed readiness to integrate robots and approaches into Airbus chain.

The details of the acquisition deal remains undisclosed. Founded in 2003 MTM Robotics, formerly Mobile Tool Management Inc., has been collaborating with Airbus for more than 10 years, providing the company with automated robotic systems for manufacturing purposes.

MTM Robotics CEO will retain its post, alongside with 40 employees and its state-of-art 10,000-square-foot complex in Mukilteo, and will continue serve other customers of the industry.

Airbus competitor, Boeing, has been MTM Robotics customer as well, using company’s robotics solutions in manufacturing Boeing 777, 787, 747.