Agility Robotics unveiled its humanoid Digit’s new capabilities to ensure safe distance from various obstacles, including humans, reads company post from December 8.

With the update named Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance, the bipedal robot Digit can determine and avoid obstacles, including moving ones. The video demonstrates that now Digit can successfully complete the mission of avoiding a moving human being.

Agility Robotics has unveiled its humanoid Digit in February this year, extending the capabilities of their first robot Cassie to greater mobility and utility.

Bipedal robot Digit is capable of moving “through complex, human-oriented environments, for tasks such as curb-to-doorstep delivery”, reads the company webpage. Humanoid can pick up and deliver boxes up to 18 kg, exhibit advanced behaviours as stair climbing, and even “catch itself during a fall using its arms to decelerate”.

Agility Robotics has already stopped the delivery of its previous invention Cassie and plans to start deliveries of humanoid Digit at the beginning of 2020, bringing a whole new level of mobility in robots to real life.

This spring Agility Robotics has also announced the partnership with Ford Motor Company to jointly develop a last-mile logistics solution based on the capabilities of humanoid Digit.