Researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada has presented the AI-powered tool to eradicate fake news, reads the university post from December 16.

The researchers claim to have broken “a new benchmark ” with their AI tool reaching 90% accuracy rate in determining fabricated content in media.

The AI tool that uses deep-learning algorithm was trained to determine if the content is supported by other materials on the subject.

A founding member of Waterloo Artificial Intelligence Institute Wong has highlighted that the tool “isn’t designed to replace people, but to help them fact-check faster and more reliably”б by flagging the content that “doesn’t look quite right”.

Project lead Chris Dulhanty shared that the AI tool “represents one effort in a larger body of work to mitigate the spread of disinformation” and the team is motivated to eradicate content that was designed to mislead readers.

The research paper named “Taking a Stance on Fake News: Towards Automatic Disinformation Assessment via Deep Bidirectional Transformer Language Models for Stance Detection” was presented in Vancouver this month.

As Future Time reported earlier, Witness Lab has presented in their December report 14 ways how such deepfake-beating technologies can potentially add more challenges.