European Space Agency will send a robot to clean the Earth’s orbit in 2025, reads the agency press release from December 9.

The mission named ClearSpace-1 will be the first in a row aimed at establishing a “a new market for in-orbit servicing, as well as debris removal”. 

Four-armed robot will be designed to “chase” the defunct satellite Vespa and to burn itself with the space junk in the Earth’s atmosphere.

In March 2020, a consortium, led by Switzerland-based startup ClearSpace, will submit final proposals for the mission execution. CEO of ClearSpace shared that the time could not be better to start cleaning the space, giving the more than ever increasing number of satellites orbiting our planet:

“The space debris issue is more pressing than ever before. Today we have nearly 2000 live satellites in space and more than 3000 failed ones. And in the coming years the number of satellites will increase by an order of magnitude”

The mission will reportedly cost around $130 million. Director General  of European Space Agency Jan Wörner has highlighted that “ ESA’s Member States have given their strong support to this new mission, which also points the way forward to essential new commercial services in the future.”

As Future Time previously reported, NASA aims to bring interpretations of the data from future telescopes or satellites to a new level by using artificial intelligence, betting on new technologies in future space research.