Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange Hodl Hodl has announced the release of the first part of its application programming interface (API), in the company blog on December 13.

The CEO of Hodl Hodl Max Keidun has reportedly shared that the API release is demand-driven, while the exchange can benefit from greater exposure due to bringing additional customer value:

“The API was developed due to the high demand from OTC brokerage desks. It will allow other services such as wallets and different types of aggregators to include Hodl Hodl in their offering. Obviously, this will increase our popularity”

The first release will allow any user to “to both fetch offers from the exchange, as well as manage” their offers, reads the press release. 

Hodl Hodl sees three main use-cases for the API: trading automation to ensure top positions, offer aggregation to get best offers, and wallet functionality, for example to effectively perform trades or control contracts.

In the upcoming weeks, Hodl Hodl also plans to release other parts of the API that will allow users to create and manage on-chain contracts, or have access to Lightning Network contracts. 

The first partners to integrate the API are expected to be the Venezuelan BTC market search tool and Bitcoin and Lightning wallet BlueWallet.