On December 12, Major League Baseball (MLB) and the MLB players union announced drug-related policy adjustment, excluding cannabinoids from the ban list.

According to press release, cannabinoids like CBD and Marijuana are to be “removed from Program’s list of Drugs of Abuse”. Instead cannabinoids consumption will be treated the same as alcohol drinking.

This being said, all players and Club personnel will be obliged to pass the educational programs, focused on evidence-based and health-first approaches.

The approach of the updated policy opts treatment instead of punishment for all cases of drugs abuse. It means that while club members will be tested for Drugs of Abuse, the positive test will result in the offer of treatment, and only refusal to undergo treatment might result in penalties.

With that, MLB will also start to test for opioids and cocaine, and players who test positive will be referred to treatment. Only those who refuse the treatment program will be penalized.