Central bank of Sweden Riksbank has announced that the agency has chosen consulting firm Accenture as a technology partner for the e-krona pilot project, reads the press release from December 13.

According to the press release, the first year of the CBDC, central bank digital currency, pilot project will be dedicated to building a technical platform. 

During the testing period, users are expected to be able to pay with the cryptocurrency e-krona via mobile phone, carts or smart watches. 

Other parties of Swedish payment system, like service providers or businesses, are expected to be able to test their future transactions.

In case of successful first year of development, Riksbank plans to further increase platform’s functionality.

While Sweden’s central bank reported no final decisions on issuing a CBDC, maintaining that the goal of the development is to broaden the bank’s knowledge on the subject, Turkish government reportedly is getting ready to pilot digital lira by the end 2020.

As Future Times reported earlier, this month European Central Bank has also unveiled the CBDC proof-of-concept, reporting the readiness to maintain balance between privacy rights and needs for regulations.