As a Christmas gift to the world, Finland opens its online course “Introduction to AI” to all interested to learn about new technology. 

The MOOC, massive open online course, covers AI basics in modules dedicated to AI problem solving, real world applications of technology, machine learning, neural networks. Additional chapter also covers the societal implication of using Artificial Intelligence and AI Ethics. The course takes about 6 weeks, but the self-paced version is also available. Upon the completion of tests, participants can receive a certificate.

Launched last year by Reaktor and the University of Helsinki, MOOC already have 245,000 students. At first, the course was reportedly created to give citizens of Finland an advantage in new technology, given the Finnish government focus on making the country a technology hub of the future.

Later the organisers updated their mission, and now they aim “to educate 1% of European citizens in the basics of AI”. In the opinion of Megan Schaible, who helped to design the course, “AI should not be left in the hands of a few elite coders”.

To achieve this goal, the course is planned to be translated into all European languages. At this moment MOOC is available in English, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, and German.

Finish educators also plan to present more advanced course ““Building AI”, where participants will be able to learn about actual algorithms and some Python basic programming skills.