Researchers from Ljubljana, Slovenia and Leeds, UK have presented two different examples of blockchain-powered Christmas trees, so donors can control it remotely.

The Ethereum-powered Christmas tree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana serves as “a working prototype” for the students to use, reportedly shared Matevž Pustišek, who leads the project and hope to motivate students to build more decentralized applications. At the Christmas-dedicated webpage, anyone can choose the colour and duration and send a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, which are being processed via an Internet-of-Things gadget Swether.

The Nano-powered Christmas tree that resides in the UK “has been designed to showcase how simple and fast it is to send Nano”, reads the XMAS NANO Tree page. The project surprises with the lightening speed of transactions – it takes just 170 milliseconds. One of the developers also reportedly shared that the project presents a new and fun way to uplight charity sector:

“We developed this to show that you could have a fun and engaging way to drive donations for charity by having something cool and innovative tied to a simple donation”

This project was developed by Nano Center and Pixel Bar. All donations will be donated to charity organisation Simon on the Street that helps homeless people. At the press time, Christmas tree has received around 1000 Nano, or $700.

As another Christmas gift to the world, Finland has opened its online course “Introduction to AI” to all interested to learn about new technology for free.