The Government of Thailand has announced it is ready to streamline Electronic Visa-On-Arrival processes with blockchain, in cooperation Australian travel company ShareRing and Gateway Services, reads the press release from December 19.

New blockchain-powered Electronic Visa-On-Arrival system is reportedly set to be implemented in February 2020. Since then, instead of suffering queues, due to outdated paper-based system, tourists will be able to use ShareRing application via the E-visa webpage. 

CEO and founder of Gateway Opas Petchmunee shared that Electronic process will be “much more efficient, secure and cost effective, while maintaining a high level of security and integrity of customer information”.

The security will be strengthened by ShareRing’s  identity technology OneID that combines blockchain technology with optical character recognition to protect the data and reduce the time necessary for approvals.

Gateway Services currently handles visas from 20 countries including China and India, that collectively bring over 10 million tourists out of 38 million total. In general, it potentially makes this blockchain application a demonstration of quite a wide adoption.