Brazilian-born international fitness platform Gympass has acquired AI startup Flaner to develop data-driven approaches for encouraging users to participate in sport activities more.

Gympass serves as a platform for benefits, including gym memberships, for corporate employees in 14 countries with over 50000 sport facilities as partners.

According to Gympass CEO and cofounder Cesar Carvalho, most of their customers did not have gym membership before, therefore it remains a challenge to determine the way to encourage them to join.

Carvalho believes that AI could be the key to lasting changes, due to its ability to offer really customized solutions and “to deliver intuitive customer experiences, both globally and at scale”.

CEO and founder of Flaner Victor Ribeiro has confirmed that they are ready to help achieve the “mission to defeat the global pandemic of physical inactivity”.

For strategic work together, Gympass is opening a new Tech Hub Lisbon to host Flaner’s employees and new hires, in addition to existing hub in New York that also work on applying AI and machine learning.