Global Cannabis Applications Corp (GCAC) has filed a patent in Vancouver for its blockchain and AI- based “system and method of processing and tracking cannabis products,” reads the company announcement from December 19.

CEO of CGAC Brad Moore foresees the rise of Cannabis 3.0 stage of industry development with technologies entering the CBD-industry. In the interview, Moore shared that Cannabis 3.0 stage will not only help to create trust in industry, but it is also “vital” for its future sustainable development, where the end goal is customer value.

In his opinion, AI and blockchain technologies, combined with regulatory actions, will help to trace the products from its origins, ensuring the quality of CBD-products, while doctors and customer will be able to rely on real-time verified and customized data in making health-related decisions, explained Moore.

That is reportedly the reason why this Vancouver-based company strikes to build “a technology-enabled community” with a vision to “optimization of medical cannabis research and production”.

As Future Time reported this month. the first in Latin America clinical Study on CBD treating epilepsy exceeded the researchers’ expectations.