Musashi AI has launched the first in the world robot employment agency “to find ways to integrate smart robots in real-world workplaces,” reads the company press release from December 23.

Musashi AI robot employment agency is a result of a joint venture between Israeli SixAI Ltd, and Japanese Musashi Seimitsu, that will focus on seamlessly integrative robots into industrial workplaces. Founder and Chairman of SixAI shared that company aims to provide humans with more time for complex challenges:

“We want people and companies to be able to allocate repetitive, but essential work to robot workers, while humans focus on the more complex and engaging tasks, where they have a competitive advantage over machines”

Robot employment agency Musashi AI offers businesses an opportunity to hire robots per hour or per project. This way more companies will be able to try out how robotic industry can contribute to their own particular operational performances, without huge initial investments. 

This new business model is possible due to the fact that robots have become truly autonomous: “they are given tasks and define their own optimal way to perform them, just as humans do,” reads the press release. President and CEO, Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd Hiroshi Otsuka shared that this might be “a great step towards the future”:

“Our challenge is to change the world by combining AI tech with our Japanese manufacturing technology. Bringing the best new AI tech, together with our 80 years of manufacturing experience, will make this happen”

As Future Time reported earlier, Gecko Robotics received $40 million in funding to build more robots-Inspectors, in order to meet the growing demand from the industry.