Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has joined forces with DustAid to enable Christmas-related donations to reach three charity organisations in the UK without a fee: NSPCC, The Little Edi Foundation and Space for Giants.

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) charity is among three charities that can now accept cryptocurrencies. NSPCC reported that during the Christmas time, children often struggle with their mental health, eating disorders, or abuse, that sadly do not stop with the Santa coming. That is why, for all the Christmas holidays, childline counsellors will be working day and night for children in need.

NSPCC Lead Digital Producer Louise Corden expressed hopes that cryptocurrency users will make “festive donations”, highlighting the importance for charity organisations to find innovative ways to raise funds for their cause:

“Raising funds via cryptocurrency highlights how the NSPCC is continually exploring new ways to enable people to donate to the charity and contribute to our fight for every childhood.”

The Little Edi Foundation, which provides support and grants to struggling rural communities in Romania reported that they will try to “show the ‘Forgotten Children’ someone cares by providing Xmas Shoeboxes to children living in poverty who would otherwise receive nothing at Christmas”. 

Space for Giants has shared that donations will do “Elephant Collaring projects”, while the charity focused on long term solutions to protect elephants by security landscapes for their natural habitat in Africa.

Helping others is one of the oldest Christmas traditions. Before cryptocurrencies, every dollar sent to any charity organization had an associated fee, shared with banks, payments processors and other mediators, reducing the final impact of every donation. The platform for accepting donations DustAid is using decentralized solutions to solve this problem. Via the platform users can donate cryptocurrency without a fee, meaning that the donated dollar will still be a dollar.

You might be wondering, why the organization is named DustAid. Cryptocurrency dust is a term for small amounts of cryptocurrency, which is too small to be practical for a regular transaction that involves a fee. That is why DustAid partners with exchanges, wallet providers, so they can aggregate this tiny amounts of crypto (“dust”) and put it into use to charities for a common good.

Managing Director of DustAid Duncan Murray shared that technology is the key to helping charities impact more lives:

We firmly believe that by using blockchain technology we can help charities positively impact people all over the world. DustAid’s mission is to make giving a simple, easy and transparent part of our daily lives.”

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