Westmead Hospital doctors have successfully performed an Australian-first robotic kidney-transplant surgery procedure, reported the hospital on December 23.

The procedure was performed on Timothy Sawley, diagnosed with end-stage renal failure, whose wife Talitha has agreed to donate one of her kidneys as a Christmas gift.

The first in Australia robotic kidney-transplant surgery procedure was carried by surgical robot Da Vinci, led by surgeons Howard Lau and Henry Pleass.

Robot Da Vinci allows to perform “minimal invasive keyhole surgery,” commented doctor Howard Lau. In his words, in this case a 5 cm cut was enough for the success is the procedure. 

Doctor Howard Lau has also confirmed that the operation was a success. Patients have already left hospital to celebrate Christmas at home, leaving hospital staff with hopes to help more patients.

Due to this success, doctors will now be able to apply robotic surgery, where it might be too risky to deliver regular non-robotic renal transplants. Moreover, it is now possible to expand the Da Vinci use in Australian hospital to other fields, where it could assist surgeons in their life saving business, like prostate and heart surgery.

As Future Time previously reported, this month researchers from the Polytechnique Montréal have invented a technique to make robotic navigations of tethered instruments possible for deep vascular regions, such as the human brain.

Photo credit: Intuitive Surgical Inc.