Since China decided to stop accepting the world’s garbage, many municipalities have been putting new targets for recycling. Changing residents habits might be a challenging task, but robots are ready to encourage humans to recycle more.

In Toronto, Sidewalks Labs, with its company AMP Robotics, is piloting a special project designed to sort out residents’ garbage with robotic help and inform citizens on their recycling efforts progress.

Robots will help Canada Fibers employees to sort out garbage, register errors and communicate the results to the households every two weeks for a period over three months.

However for now the pilot pulses through no more than 250 households, and is optional for the residents, companies believe that when expanded the project can drastically improve recycling rates.

Due to privacy concerns, companies have also shared that the information will be stored and shared in batches, making it impossible to identify sensitive information about residents.

Earlier, in November, AMP Robotics, that aims to “change the economics or recycling” with AI and robotics, has reported that it raised $17 million in investment funding for their recycling robots.

As Future Time previously reported, during the Consumer Electronics Show 2020, the Best of Innovation award went to Dutch water recycling system Hydraloop, making sustainability in tech industry a hot topic once again.

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Photo credit: AMP Robotics