The Director of the Center for Autonomy and Artificial Intelligence at CNA and former senior advisor for the State Department on civilian protection in the Obama administration Larry Lewis has shared his arguments for using AI in military in his article on Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists on January 10.

Larry Lewis has stated that UN ban on using autonomous weapons capitalise on the fear injected by movies like Terminator, while general AI has not yet been invented.

As an argument for using AI in military, Lewis states that technology could significantly reduce casualties among civilians, due to more precise targeting and simply by eradication the human factor:

“Analyzing over 1,000 real-world incidents in which civilians were killed, I found that humans make mistakes (no surprise there) and that there are specific ways that AI could be used to help avoid them”

He has also shared that many countries were interested in the technology during the UN-level debates. Moreover, he pointed out that some countries are already very active in exploring the possibility, naming as an example an Australian project aimed at improving the identification of medical facilities in conflict zones.

While AI is already affecting lives in law enforcement applications, all systems are in need to find the solution to ensure AI predictability and fairness, shared Lewis. In his opinion, the risks associated with AI biases and ethics are to be addressed in an open dialog with society and scientists. 

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