Italian Serie A football club ACF Fiorentina has announced a partnership with blockchain firm Genuino to ensure the authenticity of merchandise for club fans.

Blockchain system will be used to ensure that auctioned match-worn jerseys of the players are authentic, shared  General Manager of ACF Fiorentina Giuseppe Barone:

“Genuino’s solution, offering a product and a service extremely innovative, will allow the tracing of the jersey’s life key moments, creating a digital copy of the physical jersey, to allow us certify and authenticate the same, but also to help us fight counterfeiting and to involve our supporters through innovative products and activations, all over the world”

Founded in 2018 firm Genuino specialises in developing anti-counterfeiting solutions for various industries. Blockchain-based system for ACF Fiorentina was first tried during the matches on December 15 and 20. 

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