Holista CollTech company has filed an application to patent technology that allows to make CBD products 40 times more potent.

Cannabidiol, as fat-soluble molecules, is naturally insoluble in water. Therefore, there is a need to take a higher dosage, which is wasteful and costly.

To solve this problem, Holista CollTech proposes a water-soluble delivery system, that will benefit patients health and budget, shared the head of Holista’s Technical Advisory Panel Dr Roscoe Moore:

“Working on developing this technology is exciting. Most medicine consumed orally is wasted due to its poor absorption by the body. This is especially true for CBD, which is also expensive”

Moreover, according to the Dr Roscoe Moore, the final solution would not require any additional approval:

“More important, the integrity of the final molecule is preserved exactly as it is found in nature and hence, there is no apparent need for any lengthy approvals process anywhere in the world. We only use materials certified as ‘Generally Regarded as Safe’ (GRAS) by the FDA”

This innovative way will allow to increase the efficiency of fat-soluble products, including CBD, that consequently leads to decrease in necessary dosage and associated expenses.

Probably, even more efficiency in the CBD industry could be delivered by robots, but so far most of the companies are waiting for proper regulations.

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Photo credit: World of Molecules