AI startup with a Moto “AI everywhere, on every device” has been reportedly acquired by Apple for about $200 million. has started with improving the efficiency of machine learning algorithms, so they could be embedded in as simple devices as a security camera. For example, In 2019 the company has presented “the first ever battery-free solar powered AI device”, highlighting the long road it took for AI to be “on device”:

“We’ve come a long way from relying on GPUs in the cloud!”

Now startup offers deep learning models on such devices as smartphones, cameras, drones or IoT devices.

Whether Apple is getting ready for new iPhone release, want to perfect iPhone camera with AI, improve privacy features with on-device facial recognition, or add some connectivity to its IoT devices remains unclear.

What is clear for now, that has received a huge opportunity to accelerate development. Previously, investments in the company was limited to 2.7 million and 12 million respectively in two rounds.

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