The UK Ministry of Defence has announced the first wave of £4 million funding to AI warship contracts on January 14.

The funding delivered via the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is a response towards threats of new kind and aims to revolutionize the military operations, shared the Defence Minister James Heappey:

“The astonishing pace at which global threats are evolving requires new approaches and fresh-thinking to the way we develop our ideas and technology. The funding will research pioneering projects into how A.I and automation can support our armed forces in their essential day-to-day work”

The accelerator’s competition dubbed “Intelligent Ship” is inviting projects in 4 key areas of research “to address the complex and constantly evolving threats to national security”: automation, autonomy, machine learning, AI.

These new approaches will redesign Human-AI, AI-AI cooperation within such defence platforms as aircraft, or warships, by 2040 and beyond, shared Julia Tagg, technical lead from the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl):

“This DASA competition has the potential to lead the transformation of our defence platforms, leading to a sea change in the relationships between AI and human teams”

DASA Delivery Manager Adam Moore has added that the project will help Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force to stay on top of the game:

“This project will ensure the Royal Navy and all our Armed Forces stays one step ahead of our adversaries”

As Future Time earlier reported, former senior advisor for the State Department on civilian protection in the Obama administration Larry Lewis has shared an opinion that using AI in military can reduce casualties among civilians, as the development of general AI remains a long standing dream.

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