This week startup Companion Labs has announced the pre-sales of the first AI-driven dog-training device.

AI device consists of various image sensors, wireless connectivity, a speaker, and of course it is capable to release treats to reward the desired behaviour, that is monitored by computer vision in real time.

Companion Labs shared that the device is not only useful to assist humans in training the dogs, but can improve dogs well-being, by addressing the separation anxiety, when dog is alone in vacation period, or in between homes.

It also helps to reduce expenses in dog shelters, where dogs also undergo training to better socialise and to increase the chances of finding a new home. That can allow shelters to provide dogs with more attention and education with minimal additional resources.

San-Francisco based company’s CEO John Honchariw also added that a company will “always operate on a nonprofit basis with nonprofit shelters.”

The peer-reviewed study on comparing the AI with human trainees is expected to be published in the upcoming months, but for most inpatient humans the preorder is available for mid-2020 with the $499 and $249 monthly fee plans.

As Future Time previously reported, during the CES2020 conference, iKuddle presented new AI smart devices for pet owners, like self-cleaning litter box, Auto Feeder or diet monitoring system, while developers from Elephant Robotics and Yukai have promised that robotics pets will be a good company for those who can not have real pets.

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