Brazilian scientists reported that CBD therapy can reduce public speaking anxiety for patients with Parkinson’s disease, creating a path for deeper medical studies in both treating the disease, and reducing anxiety symptoms for general population.

In the article “Effects of acute cannabidiol administration on anxiety and tremors induced by a Simulated Public Speaking Test in patients with Parkinson’s disease”, published in the Journal Psychopharmacology on January 7, scientists reported the conduct of the first study on CBD treatment effects for patients with Parkinson’s disease.

After the medication, patients were subjected to  Simulated Public Speaking Test (SPST), during which scientists have measured physical signs of anxiety, as the growth of heart rate. 

The results have shown that patients who received actual СBD treatment, in comparison with patients given placebo, have shown less signs of both anxiety and tremors. 

While scientists have not yet fully understood biological mechanisms that help to reduce anxiety, the study suggests that CBD could be an alternative treatment with more medical research.

Additionally, research findings could be beneficial to understanding the role of the endocannabinoid system in Parkinson’s disease patients and for the general public. In general, it could open new doors to understanding how human brains work.

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