In June 2019, famous Swiss watchmaker Franck Muller has introduced the world’s first functional Bitcoin watch Vanguard Encrypto. In 2020 during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Future Time Editorial team had a chance to interview the Franck Muller representative Ksenia Kiseleva.

The initial Vanguard Encrypto collection was very limited, with a few models, with only 100, or 500 pieces in a row, shared company’s representative, indicating that new models that will come in the upcoming months will be very “exclusive, top-of-the-line”.

Ksenia added that Vanguard Encrypto limited edition collection was the idea of Franck Muller himself, who wanted to do something to show his support for Bitcoin Community:

“The idea came from Frank Mueller. He has been in watch business for 35 years. It’s very innovative, and he has been innovative and eccentric, and several pieces that he has done in the industry were groundbreaking, were new. This watch combine love for watches and love for bitcoins, because the Bitcoin community is very strong and supportive and very expressive in their love for bitcoins. Frank just wanted to do something to show his support”

The company invests in crypto as part of its diversification strategy and believe in the broad adoption rate, shared Ksenia:

“It is definitely no longer gonna be the new technology, it’s going to be part of our day-to-day life, just like here we are right now in Davos in World Economic Forum, and any house you step into, whether its sustainability, whether it is tech, or future, or economic decision”

Interestingly enough, the team that is believed to be the core of the luxury watchmaker’s success is also very much into crypto, as much as the founder:

“Our team is very much crypto advanced, and I think we’re not a usual watchmaking team, so everybody from marketing to design— everybody has some knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency, whether it has to do with storing, whether it has to do something with public address, private address — you know, the whole mindset is very much crypto and blockchain

And that definitely reads from the Vanguard Encrypto exclusive collection watches, which of course can be purchased for Bitcoins. The design features the QR code of the Satoshi Nakamoto’s Genesis Block, but “Deep Cold Storage” feature might be even more attractive to experienced community members.

The first Bitcoin collection edition was part of the partnership with crypto investment company Regal Asset. Meanwhile, as Ksenia mentioned, new partnerships and collaborations with other crypto companies might be on the way.

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Source: Future Time Editorial Team, Interview

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