Every fourth person in Russia does not know anything about the artificial intelligence (AI), the poll shows.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, only 75% of Russians do know at least something about what the artificial intelligence (AI) is. Notably, about the half of those polled (48%) expressed positive attitude towards AI, whereas 31% were neutral about it and only 12% revealed their negative stance on the matter.

Negative attitudes were mostly based on the fear of tech failures and malfunctions (31%). 21% of respondents were concerned about possible personal data leaks.

68% of those polled aren’t worried that AI could replace them at work, though 27% do have such fears. In general, Russians showed their willingness to use various AI-powered services. For instance, 64% of respondents would like to use them when applying for public services, 54% for solving everyday issues, 54% for entertainment, 52% in medical care, and 44% in education.

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