BlueDot’s AI made its first alert on coronavirus on December 31, 6 days ahead of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reads Forbes article from February 3.

AI platform created by Kamran Khan, who worked in healthcare during the 2003 SARS outbreak in 2003, processes various data to identify disease outbreaks. 

According to Khan, natural language processing and machine learning are employed to analyse “vast amounts of unstructured text data, currently in 65 languages, to track outbreaks of over 100 different diseases, every 15 minutes around the clock”:

“These data analytics enable health experts to focus their time and energy on how to respond to infectious disease risks, rather than spending their time and energy gathering and organizing information”

Potential use cases for AI in this field is not limited to alarming but can help us “combat future outbreaks ,rare efficiently”, shared Dr. Vincent Grasso from IPsoft. On the prevention side, for example, the research group from the University of New Haven works on improving vaccination strategies using AI.

Steve Bennett, the Director of Global Government Practice at SAS and former Director of National Biosurveillance at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security also believes that AI can enhance cure and prevention of such diseases:

“Now, when it comes to finding a cure for coronavirus, creating antivirals and vaccines is a trial and error process. However, the medical community has successfully cultivated a number of vaccines for similar viruses in the past, so using AI to look at patterns from similar viruses and detect the attributes to look for in building a new vaccine gives doctors a higher probability of getting lucky than if they were to start building one from scratch”

Moreover, “AI empowered algorithms such as genome based neural networks already built for personalized treatment can prove very helpful” in creating individual cure strategies, and by doing so improving patients health, shared Prasad Kathari from The Smart Cube.

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