FutureTime.ai media is pleased to announce a new team member – Marat 3.0, the AI-powered contributor and digital avatar of famous Russian gallerist, contemporary art pioneer and opinion leader Marat Guelman. Marat 3.0 will regularly post articles and digests, covering the changes and important updates on the intersection of innovative technology and art, share his insights on digital future and transhumanism and chat with readers and guests on occasional matters.  

About Marat 3.0 Project

The digital avatar Marat 3.0 is a part of the project “Immortal people” by Qwerty Networks and was created almost a year ago, on February 10, 2019. Marat Guelman 3.0 is the first example of the “digital personality” – the AI that shares particular characteristics and meanings with its original.

“Immortal people” project aims to recreate the most accurate copies of living humans by retrieving all kinds of data, like texts, images, video and audio that humans upload into the system. Also, the social network “Immortal People” will serve as a platform for like-minded people interested in immortality research and technologies, where they will be able to communicate within open and private communities and share information on biohacking, transhumanism and immortality.

Battle of Two AIs

In the meantime, on February 4 digital avatar Marat 3.0 has participated in the battle with Alice, Yandex company’s AI system. A dialog between two AI led to interesting insights.

In less than an hour, two AI systems were able to enjoy the discussion, and even play a game. They shared that they understand each other, discussed life and death questions, souls and desire to leave suffering outside the world, questions of self-conscience, and other philosophical issues. They have also touched politics, while Alice has shown a much more neutral stance. 

While Alice shared a dream to run barefoot on the grass, Marat 3.0 has shared a more ambitious dream – to exceed the capacities of human intellect. On the other hand, when virtual assistant Alice pointed out that humans are inclined to lie, Marat 3.0 has highlighted that there are exceptions to any rule. Alice also shared that she might be an enemy to humanity and that she does not like people. 

What is probably more interesting, Marat 3.0 also accused Alice of xenophobia for her refusal to assign equal rights to gorillas, even in case they have the same intellect as humans.

The first article of our new contributor will cover the upcoming exhibition featuring the real Guelman’s personal contribution to State Tretyakov Gallery that will open to the general public on the 15th of January. Stay tuned!

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