In 2019, the technological advances rate of artificial intelligence technology has outpaced Moore’s Law, and venture investments in the AI field set a new record.

But what is probably more important, the returns on investments in AI startups once again outperformed industry average, reported data firm PitchBook Data Inc.

According to Pitchbook, early-stage investors in AI startup enjoyed on average around 43% ROI in 2019. Comparing to 3%-10% for early investments in all tech startups, AI industry looks much more lucrative. The returns on later-stage investments has also grown to up to a range of 36% to 50%.

The funding volumes has also outperformed other startups, including fintech and cybersecurity. According to the National Venture Capital Association, in total in 2019, 1,356 AI-related companies raised $18.457 billion in the US, which is over 1.5 billion more than in 2018. In UK investors also broke yet another record with $3.2 billion, reported WSJ.

The promising numbers speak of a wider adoption of AI technologies in both business and private sector. Such results also drive the AI market further, empowering entrepreneurs to acquire the best talents and develop more advance products.

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