The US Army plans to deploy AI for alerting soldiers of incoming threats, reported FedScoop on February 3.

The system called ATR-MCAS – Aided Threat Recognition from Mobile Cooperative and Autonomous Sensors – will scan data from vehicles and aerial coverage to identify potential threats and alert soldiers.

The AI algorithm, will serve as a “teammate” for soldiers and will be deployed to reduce “the risk of soldiers having to get out in front of danger”, shared the head of autonomous systems with the Army’s AI Task Force Chris Lowrence.

So far, humans will remain in control of all operations, while the AI system will merely analyse data and alert. The system itself is expected to expand its capabilities, since the algorithm will learn on real world battlefield data, shared the AI Task Force representative. 

The project was developed in cooperation with Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center.

As Future Time previously reported, the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) completed the first-stage virtual testing of advanced AI algorithms designed for conducting air combat maneuvering. Also in January the UK Ministry of Defence has announced the first wave of £4 million funding to AI warship contracts.

In the meantime, while EU considers temporary ban on Facial Recognition Systems in public places, London’s Metropolitan Police has announced that the organization is going to deploy facial recognition system to facilitate tracking suspects wanted criminals and missing persons.

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