KPMG has released the report on eGaming industry, dedicated to the 10th anniversary Isle of Man eGaming Summit, highlighting industry trends and providing insights from the major industry event.

According to KPMG, during past 5 years, the market has grown to 48 billion euro market, expanding approximately 10% annually, with Europe remaining the biggest market, followed by Asian/Middle Eastern sector.

The trend for market consolidation is confirmed by the fact that top-3 players now takes 20% market share, comparing to just 7% 5 years ago, reads the report.

With the market growth slowing down, the growth of regulations and taxes, and other factors, KPMG analysts predict this trend to continue.

Among other trends, KMPG analysts mention hybrid business models, private equity investment, focus on proprietary tech, and supplier consolidation.

In the 10 years perspective, report predicts that the entering age of maturity markets in UK, Italy, Denmark and other counties, the regulated market expansion, as well as a strong trend towards sustainable evidence-based solution.

The report also examines the trend for reducing trust in the industry, society opinion shift towards gambling, negative press coverage, as well as regulatory actions, and corresponding responses from industry players.

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