On February 3, Telegram Open Network has released a new white paper, detailing block validation processes on its blockchain:

“The aim of this text is to provide an outline of the Catchain Consensus Protocol, a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) protocol specifically crafted for block generation and validation in the TON Blockchain”

According to Mitja Goroshevsky from TON Labs, new white paper will provide “a formalized understanding” of what the team has been testing since December 2018:

“Consensus protocol is a central part of any blockchain and it needs to be described for the further analysis of the blockchain and its code”

As reads the white paper, the testing period revealed that “the TON Blockchain is able to generate new blocks once every four to five seconds, as originally planned”.

According to Goroshevsky, the protocol has not changed since October, when it was supposed to be released but was delayed due to US SEC’s litigation. Earlier, SEC alleged TON of selling unregistered securities, and argued that Telegram did not present the viable technology for its investors.

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