Rutgers-led medical research team has designed the robot for blood testing that outperforms medical staff in most cases. 

The results of first clinical trials are published in the journal Technology in the article “First-in-human evolution of hand-held automated venipuncture device for rapid venous blood draws”, showing that the robotic solution can outperform humans:

“The device demonstrated results comparable to or exceeding that of clinical standards, with a success rate of 87% on all participants (𝑛 = 31), a 97% success rate on nondifficult venous access participants (𝑛= 25), and an average procedure time of 93 ± 30 s (𝑛 = 31)”

With their invention, scientists mainly aim to reduce negative consequences of multiple blood sampling in patients with difficult to reach veins. But no secret, that this robotic solution offers opportunities to improve efficiency in healthcare facilities, reducing the time and cost of blood testing procedures.

In the future, research team also plans to extend the device functionality to perform more complex medical procedures, like V catheterization or arterial line placement.

As Future Time previously reported, dutch scientists have developed the world’s first robotic heart covered with human body tissues.

Image Credit: Unnati Chauhan via Tech Explorist

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