The single best-selling video game with over 112 million monthly active players, Minecraft has launched online Bitcoin treasure hunt on January 26.

On the newly launched Minecraft server SatoshiQuest players are invited to pay a dollar in BTC for “one life” and compete to find treasure hunts, or prize funds.

Active players search for so called loot spots, competing with other players online. In case the player succeeds, he receives 85% of the fund, while 15% goes to the next round “treasure”, reads the rules.

In general, developers claim that 90% of the raised funds will be distributed to winners, and 10% will help to cover server costs, reported Bitcoinist.

All transactions are on blockchain with the open source code available on GitHub. Players use in-game wallet to buy lives and receive winnings. 

This is not the first Minecraft’s experiment with bitcoin, but the latest project was closed last summer. Last year sever Bitquest offered players with opportunities to receive satoshi for game wins, as well as trade and import BTC, while Satoshi’s Treasure distributed 1 million dollar worth BTC in the real world bitcoin treasure hunt.

Image credit: Minecraft

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