Telegram Open Network has published a guide for creating the webpage on its blockchain platform TON.

“TON Sites may be used as a convenient entry point for other TON Services,” reads the published document, referring also to the fact that webpages could contain ton:// links, by following which users can use their TON Wallets.

From the technical perspective, TON Sites look like regular webpages with one crucial difference – “they are accessed through the TON Network”, meaning that all HTTP request are being received by TON-created protocol RLDP, instead or regular TCP/IP.

Moreover, developers do not have to use HTTPS protocol, given that encryption will be executed by ADNL – “the main protocol of TON Network”.

According to the initial value proposition, TON Sites, or webpages created on the TON blockchain platform, can not be blocked due to decentralized nature of the platform, unlike regular webpages, especially ones created with the popular cloud-based webpage constructors, as Tilda Publishing or Wix.

While many users would aspire to create the unblockable webpage, at this moment TON’s guide requires at least some technical knowledge to follow.

As Future Time previously reported, this week TON has also released new white paper, detailing block validation processes on its blockchain.

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