New Zealand Police put on duty first AI Officer Ella, designed by Intela AI and Soul Machines, reads the press release from February 12.

This Wednesday Commissioner of Police Mike Bush has announced the launch of 3-months trial tests of the digital police officer Ella:

“This trial is designed to help Police understand if a digital person makes sense in a policing context, but Ella could eventually provide a variety of non-emergency services and advice in more places and on more devices, such as the NZ Police app and Police Connect”

From February 17, AI Police Officer will be put on duty at her first assignment to assist concierge team at the police station lobby at Wellington. As a virtual assistant, she will use real-time animation in face-to-face interacting, also expressing empathy.

Bush admits that so far Ella’s “capabilities are basic”, but shares a belief that it “can learn from more interactions” and receive more complex assignments in the future. 

In his opinion, “Ella and other modern digital technologies present many more exciting opportunities” to improve policing services, meeting the societal demand.

Image Credit: New Zealand Police webpage

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