During the Davos WEF 2020 Summit FutureTime.ai team had a chance to speak to Yona Levi, renowned CBD expert, CEO of Alvit LCS Pharma and a Chairman of INTELICANNCA.

He shared with us the story of how he found his way to medical cannabis.

“One day my father went to the dispensary for business and was treated with a box of 9 pieces of “drug cookies” there. He really loves cookies and, therefore, he ate them all at once. He felt great fun, danced. And when he went to bed, but after a while, we could not wake him. He was alive, he was just sleeping, but we couldn’t wake him. We called this dispensary and asked them what did they add to those cookies?

Their answer was simple:

“How many pieces did your father eat?”

We said that he ate everything. It turned out that you could eat 1 cookie per day, no more. But they said: “don’t worry, let him sleep”. He woke up after 2 days and he felt good.

After this story, I realized one important thing – medical cannabis can be used for positive purposes, but this process needs to be studied and understood. From here came my idea to enter the medical cannabis industry.

I studied this issue a lot and now I understand that the lobby of our industry is one of the strongest on this planet. It kills pain, it kills cancer, epilepsy and many other diseases. We must understand that humanity needs this for medical purposes, this is our idea.