Samsung has broaden its partnership with Microsoft on Xbox cloud game streaming, which is likely to end up in xCloud on Samsung devices, shared Verge.

Head of Samsung’s US marketing David Park that this partnership is “just the beginning”, given both companies are eager to put cloud-based gaming to new level:

“Both Samsung and Xbox share a vision for bringing great gaming experiences to mobile players around the world. With our 5G-enabled portfolios and Microsoft’s rich history in gaming, we are working closely together to create a premium cloud-based game streaming experience”

Later this year more detailed will appear, assured Park. Microsoft’s fully launch of xCloud gaming service is also expected in 2020, together with PS4 controller support and PC streaming.

Unfortunately, as Microsoft gaming chief Phil Spencer shared in the podcast, company will keep waiting for bringing VR to its Xbox gamers. In the meantime, its rival Sony has shared the readiness to add VR headset features to its new PlayStation 5.

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