Universal Robots in cooperation with DLL has introduced the first robots leasing program, reads the company press release:

“The new partnership enables all manufacturers, regardless of size or capital equipment budgets, to reap the benefits of automation without worrying about cash flow and seasonal fluctuations”

In December, Musashi AI has launched the first in the world robot employment agency that allows businesses to hire robots per hour or per project “to find ways to integrate smart robots in real-world workplaces”.

The Denmark-based robot manufacturer Universal Robots did not fall behind and introduced the robot leasing program program that will help businesses implement robotics without huge capital investment, shared Darrell Adams, the head of UR’s Southeast Asia and Oceania, also highlighting that leasing can help to get updated versions and has other benefits, like in the field of taxes.

DLL executive Neal Garnett also shared that, in his opinion, such financial solutions will benefit the adoption rate of new technologies:

“Cobots are transforming the industry and UR is clearly the market leader. Our tailored financial solutions give UR’s end-users an easy way to reduce the risk of deploying cobots by shifting from ownership to flexible, usage-based financing. Manufacturers can build the operations they need to compete and thrive, while people work on strategic tasks”

Universal Robots currently offers collaborative robots with four different payload options, from 3 to 16 kg. According to the company, they are also easily programmable to various tasks, that makes them useful for different types of manufacturing companies.

Image Credit: Universal Robots Facebook Page

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