Disinfection and medical delivery robots are being deployed in China to combat coronavirus outbreak, reported local news outlet Xinhua Net.

More than 30 disinfection robots created by Shanghai enterprise TMiRob are currently working in the major hospitals in Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus outbreak. According to TMiRob’s CEO Pan Jing, robots has been created to operate in the environment with humans and, for example, can autonomously avoid obstacles. 

At the beginning of February, China’s major robot manufacturer Siasun has also donated 21 medical delivery robots to Shenyang hospitals, where they are employed to spray disinfectants and hand out medicine to patients.

According to Teng Weiyu, the vice president of the First Hospital of China Medical University, that received some Siasun’s medical delivery robots, the robotic solutions benefit both patients and healthcare workers:

“Intelligent robotic products can effectively replace doctors and nurses in some work, thus reducing their chance of being infected”

Another company, robot maker CloudMinds and China Mobile’s Shanghai branch, also donated 5G-powered robots to Shanghai hospital that can not only clean, disinfect and deliver medicine, but also provide consultations to reduce lines, and therefore contamination risks.

Earlier in February, Chinese health authorities proposed to enhance the current system with AI and robotics in cooperation with the business sector with a goal to combat virus outbreak. According to the government proposal, AI technologies can be applied not only in treatment but to support diagnosis and minimize disruption to people’s lives.

New technologies prove to be indeed useful during critical situations. As Future Time previously reported, blockchain-based insurance-like platforms help claim damages, without a need for face-to-face interactions. Also, BlueDot’s AI made its first alert on coronavirus on December 31, 6 days ahead of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Image Credit: China Money Network

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