This year Ory Lab might open more cafes with robots, controlled by disabled people, with a mission to “eliminate isolation”, create more inclusive society and “solve human loneliness problem”.

Ory’s CEO Kentaro Yoshifuji is driven by the mission to create a society where all people can be involved and even people “who can’t move their bodies can work too”. One of his concepts is to hire disabled people to control avatar robots OriHime-D, that in this case will serve as waiters. 

In December 2018, Ory Lab has opened Dawn (Diverse Avatar Working Network) ver.β pop-up cafe in Asakusa, Tokyo district, Japan just for 2 weeks to pilot the project, in collaboration with All Nippon Airways (ANA), the Nippon Foundation, and the Avatar Robotic Consultative Association (ARCA). The project hired 10 people and paid them a standard salary for part-time work in Japan, around $8 per hour.

After the concept proved to be working, Kentaro Yoshifuji planed to open new pop-up cafes and present the model to existing restaurants:

“Looking forward to 2020, we have plans to incorporate these robot servers into existing restaurants. We collected a huge amount of data from this café that can be used to plan our next steps with the project. We’re continuing to look for operators”

Ory Lab is focused on creating robotic solutions for disabled people. According to the CEO, company’s robot Orihime can be used in other areas to improve inclusion, and also in childcare and nursing care.

Image Credit: TimeOut Tokyo

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