Rickshaw is a two-wheeled passenger carrier, drawn by human force, and chiefly used in Asian countries. With automatisation rates boom and machines replacing humans, rickshaws could not be left aside of progress.

Americal star and host of MythBusters Adam Savage has presented the robot rickshaw carriage in his YouTube show “Tested” on February 13.

Boston Dynamics has loaned a Spot robot for the production team, explained Adam Savage. It took about 5 days to build and test the robot that can now uphold a job with the victorian carriage. The experiment was assisted by Boston Dynamics’ head of application Seth Davis.

In general, the experiment was deemed successful. Although Spot struggled a bit with an uphill, the robot has shown impressive abilities. In any case, the You-Tube video with Adam’s robotic carriage has gained over 1,300,000 views in less than a week.

It is far for being the first job of the Spot. For example, two robotic dogs Spot developed by Boston Dynamics, are currently being employed in the real world construction site, during the renovation works of the Place Ville-Marie in Montreal, Canada. Norwegian oil and gas company Aker BP also plan to give robot a new job of patrolling the oil rigs.

Image credit: Business Insider

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