Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers are training AI to “update factual inconsistencies in Wikipedia articles”, reported MIT News on February 12:

“In a paper being presented at the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, the researchers describe a text-generating system that pinpoints and replaces specific information in relevant Wikipedia sentences, while keeping the language similar to how humans write and edit”

Text-generating AI system is aimed to reduce time and effort that are currently spent by Wikipedia’s volunteers on manual editing, rewriting, updating, shared on the lead researchers Darsh Shah:

“Instead of hundreds of people working on modifying each Wikipedia article, then you’ll only need a few, because the model is helping or doing it automatically. That offers dramatic improvements in efficiency.”

Wikipedia is not without automatic bots now, but they serve mostly like moderators. What MIT scientists propose is a whole new level of updating the world’s largest information source. Co-lead researchers Tal Schuster also believe that AU can help reduce bias and can be trained for fake content detection.

In the future, the researchers plan to create “a fully automated system” that will use the latest available information globally to update Wikipedia pages.

Image credit: Wikipedia page

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