Last week top cryptocurrency games have reached a peak of $1 million volume of transactions, bringing the merge between blockchain and gaming industries to a whole new level.

According to statistics, during last seven days the world largest crypto-based virtual world Decentraland has experienced a transaction volume of $ 600,000. 

In the second biggest game Sandbox the last week transaction volume exceeded $ 180,000. Games like God Unchained, Cryptovoxels, Superare and Cryptokitties also attracted considerable investments from gamers, bring the total volume for the week to almost $1 million.

World of cryptocurrencies and gaming naturally become closer, given the advantages, blockchain offers, in comparison with credit/debit cards payments, on one side, and endless opportunities of virtual gaming words, on the other side.

No surprise, that last week the second single best-selling video game with over 112 million monthly active players, Minecraft has launched online Bitcoin treasure hunt SatoshiQuest.

Image credit: Decentraland via Blockchain gamer

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