Japanese company Hiro International has presented cannabidiol oil produced from orange peels.

According to the company, CBD oil made from oranges is identical to traditional hemp-based CBD oil, but has a huge advantage – it can never contain THC component that can be sometimes found in hemp-based products, shared company representative Ryousuke Koseki.

Since THC is strictly forbidden in Japan, previously some companies and consumers were reluctant to try CBD products, and orange-based oil can push CBD market up in the region, explained Koseki.

According to Digital Asia, company has already made prototypes of such orange-based CBD products, as hair mist, make-up remover and body scrub.

Another positive effect of using orange peels is that it usually becomes a waste in the food chain. Therefore, using oranges peels can help to reduce organic waste as well.

Other companies are working on CBD solutions is well. As Future Times previously reported, Holista CollTech company has filed an application to patent technology that allows to make CBD products 40 times more potent by using a water-soluble delivery system.

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