Coronavirus outbreak “inspired” blockchain world to give birth to CoronaCoin – an ERC20 token connected to the outbreak casualties information.

Every 2 days newly created tokens will be burned “according to the number of people infected or deaths caused by the virus”, reported Cryptomist.

Ironically, CoronaCoin has already been listed on CoinGecko with the tag “healthcare”. According to CoinGecko, trading volume in last 24 hours barely exceeded $200 but the price is up almost 30%.

Corona Token webpage states that “portion of funds will be donated to Red Cross for ncos relief”. The company however does not disclose any information on what percentage this portion might be.

Developers team made even more jokes with phrases likes “Infect address with CoronaCoin” that serve as “subscribe for news” catchphrase. No surprise, the team is also planning to develop a Coronavirus-related game.

Not all blockchain projects are cynical to the virus outbreak. Several blockchain insurance-related projects has proved to be useful, helping to claim damages, without a need for face-to-face interactions.

Image Credit: Brighter World – McMaster University

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